Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Humans Need Not Apply

We'd all like to see the good old days come back but neither I, Donald Trump or anyone else can turn back the hands of time

Sorry Donald only 130 only new jobs will be created.

On Tuesday (03/28/2017) Ford announced they'd spend $1.2 billion in Michigan to modernize some of its plants and on new a data center. Here's why so few jobs will be created....

The Ford Rouge Factory F-150 Dearborn, MI, Assembly Line Tour (2015)

Nothing new. This goes back to 2012

I can attest to the fact after working over 33 years in production in the food industry over half of our jobs were eliminated by automation.

Manually Stacking Pallets Was Eliminated Years Ago (no sound)

I alone ran 5 of these at a time which replaced 10 hand stackers

I also operated several case packers each similar similar to this one

Each replaced 5 hand packers

These lines ran from 200-300 units per minute. Overall between the case packing machines and palletizers over twenty jobs were eliminated requiring only 6 like myself to run the replacement machines. Since I left 5 more workers were replaced by machines that delivered the bottles before they shut the plant down in the 'Grey Poupon' and A1 steak sauce department alone. From what I understand the new plant now doesn't even require 2 fork lift operators to move them to storage areas--where robots now replaced several more fork operators who once pulled the orders from the racks where they were stored.

Here's another video from 2013

Notice the lack of humans?

"Krones" (from Germany) was much of the equipment we used in latter years.

Before Kraft ended it's Lehigh Valley salad dressings production 20 years ago we produced 300 quart jars a minute on one single line. It required only four cooks, 2 line operators,1 case packer operator and one of our 4 palletizers (at the time) manned by two operators. A dozen years ago among some 500 hundred of us produced over 500lbs of wrapped cheese per minute, Sliced 2,000lbs of natural cut cheese and some 10,000lbs of Parkay margarine per hour. This along with portion controlled packets of ketchup, mustard and syrups for restaurants.

The point of this..
Don't believe Donald Trump when he says he can wave a magic wand and bring back jobs like they once were. Far more jobs disappeared through automation and changing demands then because of "foreigners" taking away our jobs. Yes I too long for the good old days, but we need to realistic. Hess's in Allentown nor Kraft isn't coming back to the Lehigh Valley. No matter how we wish it to be so.

Trump Either Dumb As Dirt, Lies Or Delusional

These are the only three possible explanations.

He's acting like a 6 year old who never should have been given a dangerous chemical set for his birthday little alone a country to run.

"President Donald Trump said Tuesday night [03/28/2017] that he was going to make a bipartisan deal on healthcare “very quickly” during an event with US Senators at the White House... Nobody ever told me that politics was going to be so much fun,” Trump joked... I know that we’re all gonna make a deal on health care — that’s a very easy one. And I think that’s gonna happen very quickly.” " This was four days after the healthcare bill was pulled when it became apparent it would fail miserably. Bad memory or delusional?

A few days ago his White House put out a draft for the 2018 budget that has no chance of passing in it's current form. It strips nearly every agency--totally ending dozens of others. All this to build a wall and load up an already out of control defense budget plagued with accounting problems and overbids. Currently the U.S. spends over 4x's more then China--the next highest country. Over 6x's more then Russia. Yet this president wants to spend $54 billion more as he leaves all department and agencies in tatters in its wake.

In a previous post I provided a link to his 62 page budget outline HERE. These cuts are not only draconian but would go towards dismantling our government like no other outside forces ever could.

True BUT only 130 new jobs is nothing to shout about 3x's in CAPS

The there's this tweet..
There's so many things wrong with this. First off Bill Clinton wasn't in office when this deal went through. Hillary was Secretary of State under Barack Obama at the time. According to "Politifact"-- " Russia bought a controlling stake in Uranium One. The company has mines, mills and tracts of land in Wyoming, Utah and other U.S. states equal to about 20 percent of U.S. uranium production capacity. So, to be clear, the 20 percent is capacity, not uranium that has been produced... Given that Russia doesn’t have the licenses to export uranium outside the United States, it was likely more interested in Uranium One’s assets in Kazakhstan, the world’s largest uranium producer, our colleagues said... It was one of nine U.S. government agencies, plus independent federal and state nuclear regulators, that had to sign off on the deal" So there can only be 3 possible explanations for this tweet. Trump is either lying, dumb or delusional.

If this doesn't scare you it should
Ordinary I wouldn't be concerned having faith in our system previously Instead what I'm seeing are a bunch of enablers. These not only include those in Washington D.C. but all those who voted for him with their continued allegiance to a man who obviously hasn't a clue and is in way over his head. I could list dozens of more examples of his ineptitude. Suffice to say I truly believe the United States is on a fast roller coast ride where a comeback will nearly be impossible if this continues.

The issue here isn't about a war between Republicans, Democrats or Trump himself--although many will insist it is. It's not about differing ideologies either. What's at stake is our very country itself risks being torn apart within. It's only been three months. Imagine three more years with this kind of leadership.

I'm certain at some point people will wake up but by then it may be too late. There's cover-up after cover-up. Excuse after excuse being made that everything will turn out just fine. That somehow we'll survive this fiasco. I have my doubts.

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Published March 6, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Things Haven't Changed Much

Uncle Jay Explains: Apr. 21, 2014

Ok let's go way back to January 21st 2008

To learn more about Uncle Jay see my post from March 18, 2017:
     Where Did Uncle Jay Go?

Insane Monster Truck Trick

"Lee O'Donnell landed the first-ever front flip at the Monster Jam World Finals Sunday in front of a stunned crowd in Las Vegas. O'Donnell started the flip by driving on his two back wheels with the front of his car suspended in the air, and then the unthinkable happened"

More Details Here: Daily

Monday, March 27, 2017

Here's What's Going On In The Swamp Today (03/27/2017)

"The Golden State legislator briefly disappeared the night before he announced that the Trump transition team had been the victim of “incidental surveillance... the White House did not know he was there, either." COMMENT: Or so we're led to believe.

"Yhe Law Department claimed 78,500 cigarette shipments — sent illegally from state Indian Reservations — cost the state and city more than $35 million in tax money" COMMENT: OMG--does this mean UPS is suppose check every online purchase they deliver someday too? So I guess this means they are suppose to act a collection agency for the government w/o compensation.

"John Podesta, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 national campaign chairman, may have violated federal law by failing to disclose the receipt of 75,000 shares of stock from a Kremlin-financed company when he joined the Obama White House in 2014" COMMENT: Russian roots run deep. Should have elected the only clean candidate when we had the chance--Bernie Sanders.

"A court-appointed investigator has found that the United States Attorney’s Office for Kansas is in possession of hundreds of phone and video recordings of communications between attorneys and their clients, inmates at a privately run prison facility in Leavenworth." COMMENT: Looks like a lot of cases could be tossed out. Smooth move Ex-Lax.

Simpler Times:
Remember when swamp gas could explain away any strange goings on?