Thursday, March 15, 2018

Is John Morganelli A GOP In Dem Clothing?

'Crooks &' posted this-- "Morganelli is not a Democrat. He has demonstrated that his values and policies align with Trump and fellow Republicans. Should Pennsylvania Democrats vote for him in the primary, they will be electing a wolf in sheep's clothing to represent them."

I'm posting this link w/o comment. I'll leave it up to voters after reading the article to decide for themselves.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Universe A Hologram?

This is the kind of stuff that blows my mind. This theory would explain a few things.

(1) If we wanted to find the center of the universe you'd think all we'd have to do it trace back to where the big bang occurred. In defiance of logic the center of the universe doesn't exist. THIS VIDEO explains why. People assume matter was ejected from an explosion into space. However this was not so because space itself hadn't existed. Both are one and the same therefore there can be no before or after since time didn't yet exist. Further proof is everywhere we look (in any direction) the same density of galaxies exist. Since there is no greater density in one direction then the other it's not possible to trace back to find a greater or lesser number indicating a center..

(2) Which brings me back to finding we just might be living on the cusp of a black hole's event horizon. If this is so we are nothing but a recording of all that exist outside of where we exist. Think about it. (a) Every star system is of equal density outside our surroundings. (b) The universe appears nearly frozen in time from our vantage point. (c) We've observed no other beings. Wouldn't this be so if we were little more then existing frozen in time to the outside universe.

Here's Another Theory I've Always Held
We've been told the universe only existed 13.5 billion light years across since the so-called big bang. I always disputed that. THIS VIDEO seems to support my hypothesis that we have no idea how old it really is. The video explains some galaxies are moving away faster then the speed of light-- meaning their photons (limited to the speed of light) will never get here. Thus there could be an infinite number of galaxies beyond 13.5 billion light years. We just can't see them.

Wait you say, "I thought nothing could move beyond the speed of light?" I would respond by stating it would be more correct to state "we can observe nothing beyond the speed of light". That being so doesn't rule out the possibility of it being possible elsewhere. Time's existence can be said to be limited by how it's measured within one's locale. This possibility of living on an event horizon of a black hole would mean all bets would be off. To someone outside a black hole it would appear we're frozen in time. To us living here it most certainly would not.

Yes indeed time is a tricky thing. We measure time as a series of relationships. Certainly those experiences would be far different within a black hole opposed to outside of one. Therefore time becomes rather meaningless when we talk of such things. In fact quantum physics says objects can be several places at the same "time". It's only when we observe one object the others disappear. So it may very well be we are living frozen on the fringe of a black hole where all can exist at the same "time". Just as it may be also likely our universe extends far beyond anything we could imagine. Not limited to just 13.5 billion light years.

There is a quote in the bible book of Daniel which gives us a clue about this time thing. Where it says one day with God is as of a thousand years of men. If you do the math it equates to nearly the speed of light. The bible speaks to God as a being of light. I'm fairly certain they were speaking of God The Creator. Question then becomes what is the essence of God himself eternal beyond creation (of time and matter)?

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

We The People In Order To Form A More Perfect Union

Should outlaw and abolish all political parties.

I'm of the mind the only reason the two major parties still exist is for the benefit of people too stupid and lazy to understand who/what they're voting for. Just imagine the panic on voters faces if they picked candidates not knowing to which party they belonged. Heaven forbid if voters actually had do a little research on their own instead of religiously voting for the big 'R" or 'D". Ever see those prank street interviews where people didn't have a clue which candidate said what?

As I scroll through the countless comments the majority lump every politician as if they were fighting the civil war. Either their favored candidate is wearing a red hat or blue hat allowing for nothing in-between. I'd be certain more then a few would be surprised to find out some Republicans actually favor DACA and strengthening Social Security. They might equally be surprised to learn over 15 Democrats right now are cosponsoring legislation in favor of deregulating wall street banks. So too liberals in the Senate joined the Republicans passing one of the largest defense spending measures ever for 2019 The vote count was 89 to 8. Just because someone votes for a Republican or Democrat doesn't mean they are going to get what they're expecting. So too some so-called Republicans and Democrats are so far off the charts with their wacky ideas they shouldn't be allowed to call themselves a member of either party.

The second part of this consideration for elimination are the legislators themselves. Many of them hold their nose forced to vote for things their party says they have to. Even those bills they don't agree with.

The third consideration is election fairness. Think about the pointlessness of gerrymandering if partisanship no longer existed. Face it voters are getting screwed when grouped together in certain voting districts just to swing the electoral counts in favor of one party or another. This doesn't serve voters well in what we like to think as being a honest democracy.

Far as I'm concerned political parties are an obstacle to a greater democracy. Not an enhancement to it. Either major party can be bought off by big donors. Without central party headquarters it would be much harder for these donors to single out each candidate in every district. Currently the political parties act as a conduit making it easier for the high rollers to target where their money goes for them. Ideally we should end this practice by eliminating these two major parties. These two are the reasons why we're seeing so much divisiveness.

Some will argue people can make the change by voting for 3rd party candidates. Hate to break the news. Check the historical records. It ain't never going to happen that way. Course neither is the elimination of political parties considering it would take members themselves from both parties to agree to it. Yeah that's likely to happen only when the sun goes out and Earth goes extinct. Hey, I didn't say it "could happen". I only said it "should happen".

Warning: Strong Language

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