Friday, May 25, 2018

Either Party Only Represents About A Quarter Of The Population

According to THESE STATISTICS only a little over half participate voting in presidential elections. This means no matter who wins none are given a mandate (although pundits would have us believe otherwise).

Some might be of the opinion this is a matter of apathy. I on other hand am starting to think most people are not as divided as politicians and the big money interests would make us out to be. Instead it could be most people (including others throughout the world) are just trying to get along without government intruding on their lives. Which is why I posted several videos these past few days about the positive aspects of what people are saying and doing.

I once read a philosophical piece which stated evil feeds on peoples differences like mosquitoes drawn to blood. It supposed if humans could overcome their differences evil would be starved to death no longer attracted to this Earth.

I'm not in favor of the further feeding of evil. Henceforth I will try making a greater effort (with this blog) to present the more positive aspects rather then dwelling on many of the things I have in the past. Here are two more inspirational videos I came across today I thought worthy posting.

Angelique Kidjo - "We Are One"

Politics Aside-- It's The Message

Inspirational Videos Day 4

The power to change the world relies on each of us willingly or unwillingly owning a piece.

Navy Seal Admiral William H. McRaven (March 2018)

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Inspirational Videos Day 2

Give What You Can, Take What You Need

Here's What Happened After Giving Money To Homeless Man

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Inspirational Videos Day 1

Money Suit Social Experiment

This reaffirms what I've always believed. (1) For greedy people never will enough be enough. (2) Some of the most ethical and honest people will never be awarded the recognition they deserve. In others words-- Never Judge A Book By It's Cover.

Stealing From The Homeless

9/10 times someone said something

Sometimes when my faith in people is in doubt videos like these come along. All it takes is more of these kind of videographers to spread these untold stories. In this world there are too few. We need more of them.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Trump Still Cantankerous About Winning

Here's what happens when dotard's handlers don't steer him into a weekend golf outing...
He drives himself into a frenzy sitting around watching TV

Hey-- ya won!
Get over it.

The commander and chief rage tweeted so far eight messages up to the time I was composing this. Somehow he still thinks the DOJ is his personal solicitor charged with doing his bidding. If this is what this oddball is like after he won imagine what he'd act like if he lost. I mean really-- should this be the best use of a president's time?

Trump has made it clear he will never be satisfied till everyone's locked up who ever said anything negative about him. This makes this president a very dangerous man. Most certainly not someone I want leading our country.

He's rich. Got a great looking wife and kids. Sits in the oval office. All of this and he's still miserable. It appears he can only be happy if other people are more miserable then he makes himself. If that doesn't describe a mental condition I don't know what would.

There are over 300 million Americans with their own problems which need solving. I'm certain most have greater troubles then poor old Trumpie has ever had to deal with. So pardon me if I don't give a rat's ass about his woes. He's not the only tin can on the dump. All we hear from the Trumpster is about the predicaments he gets himself into. Most certainly (indicated by his tweets) he's least concerned with ours.